Easter can be an exciting time for you and your pet to celebrate, however there are a few things to think about if you want to keep them healthy, happy and safe.


Decorations – Many people like to decorate their dining table with fresh flowers for the Easter holiday, however some plants can be poisonous for cats and dogs so it’s important to know which ones and to keep them out of reach. Here is a list of toxic and non-toxic plants for your pet. http://goo.gl/5BV7Le

Chocolate - Last year, the Dogs Trust conducted a survey which revealed that over 57% of pet dogs had eaten chocolate intended for humans and over 1 in 10 have become ill from it. Of these, 8% died due to the effects and nearly a quarter required urgent veterinary treatment. It is really important to make sure that no chocolate is left around for your pet to find to avoid any issues.

Sweets – It’s not just chocolate that poses a risk to your pet, most sugar free sweets contain xylitol, a substitute to sugar that is highly toxic to dogs which can lead to liver problems. It is best to keep any sweets out of reach when you are unwrapping your Easter gifts.

Eggs – The plastic eggs found in most Easter baskets for decoration can be really dangerous if ingested by your pet, they can become lodged in their system and lead to big issues. It is best to keep your hamper on a high table to avoid this. Real eggs are not totally safe either, the broken shells can lead to cuts on your pets’ paws and in their mouth, while hard boiled eggs can cause digestive issues. If you are hiding eggs for an egg hunt, make sure they are out of your pets reach and are collected and not left around.

Dough – It is common to bake during the Easter term, uncooked dough can be dangerous if eaten by your pet however. Live yeast is active and when in the warm stomach, it can grow and release carbon dioxide and alcohol, which will lead to a variety of debilitation and potentially fatal problems.

Overall, just take extra care to make sure your Easter holiday is safe and problem free for your companion!

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