Our pets manage to bring us so much love and joy without much effort, they make us laugh and comfort us when we are unwell. There are around 12 million British households that choose to have a pet, and it’s no wonder why!

They lower our stress levels – Modern life, especially in cities, can be filled with stress, however owning a pet can help your worries. Studies have found that just by stroking a purring cat or petting your dog can help you relax. Previous studies have also found that pet owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol than people without a pet. This actually leads to you living a longer life, with a reduced risk of heart attack!


They keep you fit – They act as our own personal trainer, dragging us out the door for walks and runs regularly, this takes their owners into the fresh air for daily exercise, in turn keeping you fit and healthy!

They help you make friends – Often, people with dogs in the local park or neighbourhood will find people stopping to chat about their dog, it means you can create bonds with people quickly and is great for people who are not too good at small talk. You may even meet the love of your life!

They can spot cancer early – Everyone knows that dogs have a great sense of smell, but did you know that some can detect cancer early? Many pet owners have reported their canines pawing or sniffing at an area where a tumour was found, which saved their life.

They make sure you are never lonely – If you live alone, pets can be the best companion, they wait for you to get home and when you do, they are always there to listen about your day and sit with you on the sofa. They never grow tired of your company and will unconditionally love you.

They can improve your immune system – Pets spend a lot of time in the outdoor and can bring in all kinds of dirt and germs, which isn't always a bad thing, it can actually help build up your immune system, thus your immunity to colds and flu.

  • Mar 18, 2016
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