The concept behind Gentle is simple. All their foods have high meat content – essential for your dog’s good health.

First, they take some great quality ingredients and gently mix them together. They then add cold pressed oils, herbs, vegetables and other lovely healthy stuff.

Next, and this is a really important bit, they press them together for 1 second at a very low temperature.

The result?

A nugget full of gentle goodness that’s ready to eat. Perfect!

The Gentle touch

Cold pressing is a fantastic way of preserving the nutritional integrity of all the ingredients in your dog’s food. This unique and gentle process creates a dog food where natural enzymes and vitamins – as well as fibre and molecular structures – are retained, keeping all their healthy goodness.

Using only very low temperatures allows Gentle to create a complete, balanced dog food that’s as close to nature as possible. In the wild, puppies, adults and older dogs all eat the same natural food - they just need different amounts. The Gentle approach is suitable for all breeds and life stages. Whether you have a gentle giant or a gentle soul, Gentle has everything they need for a healthy, happy, active life.

Gentle is made by a small traditional family business based in Germany with over 40 years’ experience making cold pressed foods.

Gently does it

Gentle believe in only using the very best, freshest ingredients.

Their simple rule is: 'if we wouldn’t eat it ourselves then it doesn’t go in.'

The Gentle recipe provides the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals – high-meat content with a healthy combination of brown rice, vegetables, herbs, cold-pressed oils, green lipped mussel and other vital substances.

It delivers all the valuable nutrients and energy your dog needs – without adding unnecessary bulking agents.

Naturally Gentle

  • Free from gluten
  • Free from artificial flavourings and colouring
  • Free from preservatives
  • Free from animal experimentation
  • Free from GM products

Gentle inside

By creating a happier digestive system, eating naturally can also help to solve some of those classic doggy issues...

  • Dull coat
  • Dietary intolerances
  • Lack of appetite
  • Loose stool
  • Wind or bloat
  • Smelly odour
  • Restless behaviour

  • May 09, 2016
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