Pet Pavilion are excited to announce our very own healthy dog treats, traditionally baked and farm grown in the UK. 

The delicious treats make a great snack or reward for good behaviour. 

The treats also contain many health benefits for your pet such as:

Vitamins and Minerals Enriched

Essential Fatty Acids for a Healthy Coat

Added Calcium for Strong Bones

Carbohydrate for Sustained Energy

They also come in the following great flavours: 

Milk & Cheese Flavour.

Chicken & Gravy bones

Biscuit Selection.

Lamb & Mint Flavour

Bacon & Cheese Toasties

Assorted Large Bones

Gravy & Beef Bones. 

Chicken & Fish Strips

Click Here to shop the collection.

You'd be barking mad not to try!

For all Dog Breeds and life stages. 


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