You don’t need the most expensive SLR camera with a variety of lenses. When used properly, we guarantee the camera in your phone is more than good enough.

Make sure you follow these simple steps to give your pooch-tastic pictures that wow factor!

Get The Best Pictures Of Your Dog

  • Experiment with Lighting

The most important factor is to make sure your pictures are well lit. The best lighting is always natural lighting. Make sure you haven’t got any shadows covering anything.

dark image of Ramon the Pug

  • High resolution

Be conscious of formats and dimensions. To make sure you obtain a consistent and professional brand identity, you should rescale your avatar in software such as Photoshop or GIMP. Always make sure the image sizes aren’t too large – the larger the image, the longer it’ll take to load.

  • Focus

Use the focus! Avoid blurry images and use a tripod where possible.

out of focus picture of Ramon the Pug

  • Setting

The most successful pictures are ones where dogs are out and about on walks. So, next time you’re outside remember to take lots of pictures!

  • Change your perspective

Think outside of the box – instead of taking a picture at eye-level, try moving the camera to above your head, to the side or from below. Changing the perspective can change a normal image to a really arty image.

  • Take a series of pictures

If you’re a dab hand with image-editing software, then this super-cute idea will draw serious attention! Shoot in ‘continuous mode’ for more challenging conditions (read – your dog’s a wiggle-bum and can’t stay still!)

You’ll capture your pup in the most natural poses for you to edit together.

  • Use a prop

Your dog’s cute enough to be papped on their own. We totally get that. But, don’t dismiss using props in your pictures. Favourite toys, chews and clothing can look adorable and adds another point of interest to enhance your images.

Don’t forget to shoot candidly when using props to capture the perfect ‘natural’ play moment.

Ramon the Pug looking into the camera with an antler chew toy

  • Focus on an unusual part of your pup

Zooming in on an unusual part of your dog adds depth to your image. It throws the composition (and rules) out the window!Ramon the Pug close up photo with flowers in the background

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