Stop dirt and mud at the door.

Keep a towel and a shallow container of room temperature water by the door to wipe down any muddy paws before your dog comes into the house.  Place mats at the inside and outside of doors and train your dog to wait on the mat {which you can cover with a towel if really muddy!} by the door to have their paws wiped down after going for walks.  

Give your pet sufficient exercise.
Exercising your dog is great for his health {and yours too!} and is a great way to spend quality time together.  A tired dog will be much less likely to get into mischief than a dog that is bored and needing some stimulation.  Remember that a dog can’t gnaw on your table leg or chew up your carpet if he is asleep!  Keep chew toys {These are great!} around and easily accessible to your dog to play with while you are not home.

Don’t forget about the dusting.
When we think about pet messes, we usually think about the messes on the floor, but our furry pets also increase the amount of dust in our homes as well.  The hairs from your pets skin can also bring lots of dust into the house, try a brush to avoid this. 

Bathe your dog regularly.
How frequently you should bathe your dog will vary depending on a variety of different conditions including what activities your dog has been up to, how smelly they get, and if you have any family members with pet allergies.  We would recommend only bathing your dog about once per month unless he has found a particularly good mud puddle to lie in.  Our pet shampoos are great for keeping them healthy and clean as well as to prevent fleas.

While dogs can definitely be messy at times, the joys and benefits that you and your family will experience from adopting a pet will far surpass the negatives.  Dogs are wonderful for teaching your kids compassion and responsibility and they will likely become one of your child’s most loyal buddies throughout the years.  

  • Jun 10, 2016
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