Pet pavilion, in its 18 years of trading has always strived to stock the best premium foods for your dog or cat. As time has gone on, the pet food industry has come on leaps and bounds and more and more the demand for locally produced, biologically appropriate, grain-free food has increased, amongst our clients and most importantly their furry family members.

As part our commitment to offering our customers and their pets the very best we have chosen Canagan as our most recommended food, and we talked directly to the Eddie from Canagan to tell us why.

Us – “Hi Eddie, thanks for joining us today”

Eddie – “Hi, it’s a pleasure to be here”

Us – “So, lets start from the very beginning; where did the name ‘Canagan’ originate from?”

Eddie – “Well, throughout the ages, man and dog have evolved side by side, living and hunting together, protecting each other in a unique alliance. ‘Canagan’ – from the ancient Celtic word for wolf – was created to honour this bond”

Us – “How interesting! Now Eddie, Canagan say their food is ‘biologically appropriate’, what does that mean exactly?”

Eddie – “Traditionally, dog and cat foods have sacrificed nutritional value by using cheaper, less nutritionally accessible ingredients. Our nutritionists have looked carefully at the dietary needs of cats and dogs to produce a food which more closely mimics your pets ancestral diet with the correct ratio of meat protein and fat to carbohydrate and a much higher meat content than most”

Us – “So I see you’ve done research into ancestral diets and used that information to formulate your food; can you give us an example of a piece of information you’ve learn from your research into this”

Eddie – “Well, as most people know, all dogs are the direct descendants of grey wolves domesticated by our ancient forefathers. Their dietary needs have remained virtually unchanged to this day.”

Us – “How fascinating. Aside from your research, what else sets Canagan apart from other brands?”

Eddie – “What really sets us at Canagan apart from the rest, is the quality of the meat and the fish we source for our food. As dogs are carnivores they can more readily get nutrition from meat sources, so we’ve chosen meat that is wholesome, delicious with plenty of nutritional benefits.”

Us - "Talking of your food sources, what ingredients do you mainly use in your food at canagan?"

Eddie - "We are most proud of our freshly prepared deboned chicken. Canagan uses the highest quality available British free-run chicken, which provides a delicious meat source for all types of dogs. We use the very best Scottish Salmon when preparing Canagan recipes, carefully blended with our freshly prepared trout sourced from the River Avon. Dried Herring and white fish are also used within recipes to add variety. Our freshly prepared duck and venison has been ground into a mince and gently steam cooked to ensure optimum digestibility. Along with the dried duck and venison, rabbit is also added as it is a concentrated, nutrient rick protein source. We also add chicken fat or turkey fat which contains essential fatty acids to help maintain a healthy skin and coat. Chicken gravy or Salmon gravy is added in as natural flavouring, made primarily from organ meat.

Us - "Thats quite a lot of meat! Are there any fruits or vegetables involved?"

Eddie - "Of course there is! Sources of protein is very important; and dried egg is a high quality protein source, which as a bonus has the highest digestibility of all protein sources. We use salmon oil, as its a great source of omega 3 and has been known to improve cognitive function, and an improved visual development. Sweet Potato is a highly digestible carbohydrate source, which is a great alternative to cereals and grains. We also use normal potato as its a high quality, digestible, hypoallergenic protein source. In terms of vitamins, we use peas, carrot, apples, and spinach; all of which provide your pet with various vitamins and minerals and sources of iron and fibre. Seaweed is one of the most nutritious sea vegetables available and can have a positive impact on your dogs health and wellbeing. We also use cranberries, psyllium, camomile, peppermint, marigold, aniseed, fenugreek and alfalfa for their qualities in flavouring, aroma, promoting healthy digestive and immune system and skin health.

Us – “Along with your food having top quality ingredients, you mentioned its also grain free. Why go grain free?”

Eddie – “Dogs and cats are highly adapted to eat meat. Like all carnivores, they find it difficult to digest grains. This is because they lack in a particular enzyme in their saliva that helps break down these starchy carbohydrates. We have eliminated all the grain from our recipes to create food that is high in meat and which matches as closely as possible to their natural food. Also some grains have been linked to canine allergies and grains generally have limited nutritional value in comparison to meat.

Us – “Thank you for such an informative talk Eddie.”

Eddie – “Thanks, it was great to be here”

For more information or a sample of Canagans delicious pet food, give us a call on 0207 730 9292.

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