9am – I’ve woken up bright and early and am ready to kick start the day with my daily morning stroll around the block with the family. Once everyone is off to work, I start to get cracking with my daily ‘Doga’ routine, to get my muscles warmed up for the walk I have booked in for later today. I then have a quick snack on my tasty chew sticks, which I finish right on time for my dog walk.


11am – I hear the sound of the Pet Pavilion Pet Limo parking up outside my house, and my paws start to tingle in excitement for this walk. I’m greeted by my friendly dog walker and ushered into their luxurious air conditioned pet limo. When I arrived in Kensington Gardens I couldn’t wait to run through the freshly cut grass. On my long walk, I played various ball games which really made me thirsty; however my helpful dog walker gave me cool fresh water to drink whenever I wanted. I was also given some delicious gourmet treats to see me through dinner.

1pm - Once I was tired out and my session was complete, I was taken home to for a relaxing nap in my comfortable slumber bed with my favourite toy to cuddle up to.


2pm – I wake up and the Pet Pavilion Pet Limo is back! I’m ready for my weekly bath and groom! I’m driven to the glamorous flagship store in Chelsea, where I have my weekly bath. I then have an anti-aging facial and spa session, carried out by Pet Pavilions well-trained friendly staff.


4.30pm - Is that the time already?! I jump back into the Pet Limo where I am taken back home just in time to greet mum and dad as they get back from their day at work. They’ll be so pleased to see me so pampered and clean!


6pm - It's dinner time and I’m waiting eagerly at my bowl. On the menu tonight; Canagans delicious Scottish Salmon; my favourite! 


Grooming photos courtesy of NatalliaVPhotography - http://www.natalliavphoto.com/

  • Sep 05, 2014
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