A vital part of keeping your dog healthy is ensuring their coat is maintained. The amount of care your dog needs will vary, but all dogs require a good grooming regimen. You can complement regular professional dog grooming with at-home care which is also an excellent opportunity to spend time with your dog. Click here for more information on our grooming services

What is a healthy coat's appearance? A healthy coat will be delicate and almost smooth also on short or wired hair breeds. The coat should be bright, though not greasy, and it should not have a tough smell.

A dog with a weak coat will have dry and delicate hair with quantities of loose hair in the coat. The coat itself may also be oily or have a dusty appearance and carry bald spots and an unpleasant greasy smell.



One of the most essential parts of dog grooming is brushing. A regular brushing will keep your dog’s coat well kept and pleasant. As your dogs have different types of coats. You will need to use various sorts of brushes.

Ideally, you'll use both with widely separated teeth for the coat's outside layer and a finer-spaced brush for combing and brushing. Long- haired breeds will require to be brushed twice a week, while dogs that are predisposed to shedding, or hold thick undercoats, should be brushed once a week. To really pamper your dog, get a Pet Angel brush

Our reputable groomers are well prepared and familiar with the demands of your particular breed of dog. They’ll also clean your dog’s ears and cut his nails.

Take care with bathing your dog. "Over-bathing" with harsh chemicals can lead to dry skin and irritation. Don't use shampoos designed for people as can be harsh on dogs. We recommend dog shampoos which are specially formulated to protect their skin and coats.

Nutrition is a vitally important part of maintaining a healthy coat. The better your dog's food, the better your dog's coat. Food rich in essential fatty acids particularly good for your dog's coat. If you notice signs of your dog having trouble with his coat or skin, nutrition may be the reason. All of the pet food we offer is made from high quality ingredients and you will find ranges aimed specifically at improving skin and coat health. We also offer a variety of hypoallergenic pet food.

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