Like us, when we get wet and it’s windy outside, dogs too feel cold! So tip number one is to keep a raincoat handy or maybe even a jumper for your pooch to keep warm in whilst on their walk!

Take a look at our clothing section for dogs for top quality garments to keep your dog warm.

Once you’re back home, keep a towel ready at the door (pre-prepared from before you leave home for the walk). The best way to get your dog to stay on the towel is to tell him or her to “sit” on the towel; this will dry the bottom of their paws and dust off any mud they may have stepped in outside. If the top of the paws or in-between the toe pads are wet or muddy, use the remaining parts of the towel to carefully wipe each paw until it’s dry.

It is also handy to keep dog grooming wipes near this towel to use for a fresh and clean wipe down.

Some owners find this situation a golden opportunity for training; using treats you can train your dog to go straight to the towel if they are wet, dirty or muddy and even wipe the bottom of their own paws on the towel and wait for your approval or help before going inside to play.

This is another great opportunity for bath time. Carry your dog into the bathroom and place him in the tub and give him his bath, leaving him as fresh and clean as you can get! Don’t forget to use the correct type of shampoo for your dogs fur, we stock different types of shampoos suited for all dogs; check them out here!

Even though the fur may be dry, it can still sometimes give off a slight smell as it has been soaked in the rain. If a bath is not the right option at the time, a quick spritz can solve this problem for you! We have a range of great smells which are dog friendly which you can use, check them out!

Once dry and clean, make sure you keep some blankets handy to keep your dog warm and bring up his core temperature after a cold and wet walk outside! We have a great range of comfortable and warm blankets which are suited for any style of home if you need some!

Finally, we suggest keeping your dog well groomed in areas where mud can get stuck. If the hair on your dogs feet are kept to a minimum, you’ll lessen the amount of dirt and mud that gets stuck there. You can either do this at home with home grooming tools, ask a friendly Pet Pavilion Professional in store for helpful guidance if needed, or you can even talk on our online live chat via our website if you would like extra information on doing this. Alternatively, you can leave this to our professionals in our award winning salons; click here for more information.


  • Feb 18, 2015
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