Oh the lazy hazy crazy days of summer. It is, for the most part, a very welcomed season. But along with bringing somewhat greener grass and bluer skies, Summer demands as much care, if not more, as the rest of the year.

Dogs have more trouble staying cool than people. Primarily dogs regulate their temperature via panting so a lot of things we do to cool off won’t work for dogs. Follow these tips to keep your canine friend cool and safe this summer

Dog in the sun


Never leave your dog in the car, not even for one minute. On a warm day, even leaving the air conditioning on or rolling down the window a bit will not suffice as temperatures rise to potentially dangerous levels.

Walk and exercise when it’s cool. Sun heated asphalt can reach up to 60°C. In the morning, before the sun begins baking the pavement, and in the evening, when the over well-done steak of a pavement has cooled, are the best times for a walk.

Provide ample water and shade when outside. Whenever your dog is outside, make sure they have protection from the sun and heat. If possible, add ice to water. Invest in a portable bowl for your dog.

Iced treats! Check out your local Pet Pavilion store such as Billy + Margot Iced Treat Tubs. Iced treats can be very effective at helping to cool your dog.


Don’t rely on fans. Fans cool by evaporating sweat, but dogs only have a small amount of sweat glands which are mostly found on their paws. Fans, therefore, do not work as effectively as on humans.

Avoid cramped spaces with poor ventilation. Besides cars, other small spaces can also be dangerous. Dog houses and poorly ventilated dog houses can trap heat, increasing the risk of heatstroke.

Know the symptoms of overheating.

Excessive panting

Red-coloured gums

Thick ropey saliva in the mouth

Warm to the touch

Dogs particularly at risk

Brachycephalic breeds. These are dogs with a shorter muzzle which impedes their ability to breathe and pant effectively.

Dogs that have had heat stroke before

Dark coated dogs


  • May 12, 2015
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