Does your pet have anxiety? They are not alone!

There are a variety of reasons why your pet might feel anxious. Pet Pavilion wants to go through this with you and let you know that this is completely normal. 

Pets experience anxiety in much the same way people do. Sometimes anxiety can be inexplainable, and other times we can trace the origin. It is important to recognize when your pet might be experiencing anxiety, as it can lead to other health issues and can even create negative habits as your pet tries to cope with the anxiety.

There are different ways to alleviate or decrease your pet’s anxiety so you can both lead happier, healthier lives. 

Here are a few of the things we’ve tried and want to share with the rest of our Pet Pavilion community:

Physical Activities

We cannot express enough how critical it is for your pets to remain as physical as possible. Physical activity can help relieve some of the stress your pet feels, in the same way that it can help humans. We know that it can be time consuming to take your dogs on long walks multiple times a day, so the best way of looking at this is to do this physical activity together so you can bond and both benefit from it! 

Playing games with your cat or taking walks with your dog helps immediately relieve some anxiety, but it also tires them out more so they are not consumed by nervous energy. Pet Pavilion offers a great range of toys that can be great for playing with your pet indoors and outdoors. 

Calming Touches

When someone plays with your hair or gives you a massage, it is a very calming experience. Your pet enjoys the same experience. Try brushing your pet or giving random massages or ear rubs. Even simply petting your furry friend more often can be helpful. Your pet will relax from the physical contact, but it’s not just about the physical aspect of it. Your pet will revel in the experience of spending time with you. Some pets may be hesitant about massages or too much physical contact at first; if that’s the case with yours, offering some of their favourite treats can help them warm up to the idea. TRY BRUSH

Use Pharomones

We believe that pharomones can be a great next step in aiding to reduce anxiety that some dogs and cats experience. You can purchase dog and cat appeasing pheromones at Pet Pavilion. These products release synthetic versions o the pheromones that mother dogs and cats release while nursing their puppies and kittens.

Feel free to come into our stores and ask our animal expert shopkeepers about these products to see if they might be great fits for you and your pet. 

Pet Pavilion always aims to support the animals in our community as best as possible, and in doing so, this also means supporting the owners. Please come into our stores with questions and concerns, and we are always here to help. 

Love Your Pet Pavilion Family


  • Nov 15, 2016
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