Are dogs the next generation of ball boys?

Let’s face it; England is a dog loving nation. In most homes around the country you can find a pooch cuddled up on the sofa. We have embraced their contribution to many different aspects of our society, from assisting the blind to helping revolutionise modern medicine. So why not, when we turn on the television to watch the much loved Wimbledon Championship, should we not see our favourite canines take to the floor as the ball boys? Arguably the most agile, quick and lovable assistance we could ever find for such a job.

It is a new idea, but one can see the advantages of. Dogs are highly trainable and one need only look up the recent game between Venus Williams and Svetlana Kuznetsova* to see the success of that idea. What’s more the dog will have oodles of fun in what is essentially a long game of fetch!

Through history man’s best friend has worked alongside us, their purposes ever changing with society. For example the Labrador’s first purpose was to help fisherman with their catch, now they are more famous for being one of the most common breeds to assist the blind – a modern purpose assigned to the breed. What’s to say the ball dog will not be the next example?

Why not add a touch of modern English uniqueness to a classic game? It’s no secret how much England loves our canine friends, so why not celebrate that on a summer court with the dogs having fun, the crowd being entertained and the tennis players knowing that not a single ball will be left lingering on the court.

Beside why not start a new Wimbledon tradition? Strawberries and Cream has nothing on ball dogs!

*Check out the video of the match:


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