We all know that dogs suffer the summer heat just as much as us. And as much as ice cream is a much sought after treat for you on a hot day, such is the same for dogs and their iced treats! That's why we have opened a pop-up doggy gelateria in front of our store in Chelsea Farmers Market.

Called iced treats rather than ice cream because they contain no diary, these delicious cool snacks have only canine suitable ingredients. (Although they are also safe for human consumption so there is no risk in them sharing a freezer with the family ice cream!)


Both enticing and beneficial they are a wonderful way to keep your dogs cool between drinks of water. Dogs can get heatstroke if not monitored properly – dogs with short muzzles are particularly susceptible because of their difficulty in breathing. Therefore it is very important to keep your dog’s body temperature down as much as possible. Dogs still need exercise and play even when it’s hot!

Pet Pavilion currently stocks three flavours: Apple, Banana & Carrot, Strawberry & Apple and Honey & Banana.* Although there are several fruit and vegetable which are not suitable for canine consumption Apple, Banana, Carrot and Strawberry all offer great nutritional value to the dogs diet. The iced treats also contain flaxseed oil with helps maintain shiny coat and healthy skin.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Dreams


So this summer why not enjoy iced treats together with your canine pooch!

*Our iced treats range is supplied to us by Billy and Margot and can be found in our Chelsea, Kensington and Wimbledon branches. Do not feed to puppies under 14 weeks, never leave your dog unattended with a tub and make sure there is water available for your dog.

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