Breed Profile: French Bulldog

‘A house is not a home without a Frenchie.’

The French Bulldog (commonly known as the ‘Frenchie’) originated in France. It was a result of breeding between Miniature English Bulldogs (which started to appear in France when English lace makers went over in the industrial revolution) with local French breeds.
Although now characterised by its famous bat ears, the French Bulldog was originally breed with both bat ears (favoured by the US) and rose ears (favoured by Europe - probably because it resembled the iconic English Bulldog more.) The breed took a dip in popularly during the 1900’s (the Boston Terrier took claim to America) but in recent years has come back in great demand, raising to be one of the most popular breeds. It is a fantastic companion dog and although it has been used as a ratter in the past, it is now recognised as a non-sporting dog and not used for any other purpose then that of a companion.

Interesting Facts:

  • By 2014 the French Bulldog was the fourth most popular breed in the UK.
  • Due to the persistence of American breeders the Bat ear overruled the Rose ear and now recognised French Bulldogs only have the bat shaped ears.
  • The first French Bulldog club was formed in 1903 after the breed was introduced to England in 1900.
  • There was a French Bulldog on the Titanic who was insured for $750 (a lot for that time). He was a champion show dog who had been bought for £150 (about £12,575 in today’s currency.) He also did survive.
  • The Romanov family had a French Bulldog called Ortino, who was Tatiana’s favourite and was allowed to sleep in her bed.
  • The only colours accepted for a standard French Bulldog in show are Brindle, Fawn or Pied
  • There are myths that the French Bulldog’s descendants were bred to have human like expressions to make them even more of an ideal companion dog.

Top Tips and Recommendations:

Cleaning: because of the French Bulldog’s iconic flat noses and excess skin it is important to clean their faces (especially between the folds) regularly. Petkin Petwipes* allow regular easy cleaning with minimal mess.

Health: to keep their coat in excellent condition salmon oil* is a very handy addition to their diet. It’s packed with omega 3 DHA & EPA which helps to keep the coat healthy and shiny.

The French Bulldog can also suffer from Joint issues during its life so Billy and Margot Joint Care treats* would be a beneficial and delicious treat for your dog.

Accessories: During the hot weather why not take a collapsible water bowl* (along with a bottle of water) with you whilst out for the day. Easy to carry and it means that when your pooch gets hot and out of breath you have water for them at hand.


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