As the year turns cooler our canine companions often need a little help in keeping warm. Especially for the smaller dogs, coats can really help to keep your pooch nice and comfortable on daily walks.

However dog clothing is not a recent invention like you may think. Although we often think of small Chihuahuas in modern pink jumpers with glittery collar on the arms of celebrities, clothing has been used as far back as 520AD. King Arthur’s men kept dogs warm with clothing and also used it to protect them in the midst of battle. Although the latter use is not needed today, we still find coats useful for keeping our dogs protected against the weather. Especially with breeds that were not specifically bred to withstand colder temperatures!

In 1833 Princess Victoria wrote about her spaniel wearing a scarlet jacket and blue trousers and in the 19th century Paris started to carer for dog clothing in shops with fashion advisers writing about the perfect clothing.

Therefore we find that dog clothing is not a recent occurrence, it has merely been adapted with the change in society.

Just like from the Renaissance when dogs were seen as possessions and collars were padlocked shut with only the owner having the key, to nowadays where collars are still worn but for developed reasons such as safety and comfort. Collars were also used, not just as a sign of ownership, but also as a show of wealth: Louis XI (1423) dressed his favourite greyhound in a collar of scarlet velvet with 20 pearls and 11 rubies, and Louis XV (1710) had his Cavalier wear a gold collar encrusted with diamonds.

Collars also go very far back in history; in an ancient Egyptian tomb from 1440BC a leather collar was found with depictions of hunting scenes and the dog itself imprinted on it. It is not ridiculous to believe that collars have been worn since dogs became the companion animals of humans.

And so dog clothing which is in high demand to this day can be traced back to 520AD, with collars as far back as 1440BC!

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  • Oct 05, 2015
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