Dog Lovers - Does Your Pet REALLY Respect You?


Dog Lovers - Does Your Pet REALLY Respect You?

Unrequited love, playfulness and just general adorable-ness are the first things that come to mind when thinking of our relationships with our dogs. But there is one often overlooked element to human/pet relationships we really should start thinking about more, respect. Of course as loving, decent pet owners we respect our animals enough to house them, feed them and keep them safe but do our pets really respect us?

A dog that doesn’t respect its owner is easy to spot a mile away- rushing away from its owner, intimidating guests, clawing away at furniture and usually with an exasperated owner in tow. If this sounds like your relationship with your dog, do not underestimate the love and loyalty that your dog will undoubtedly have for you, just be aware that your dog probably sees you as its equal rather than its alpha.

A good dog owner mustn’t be afraid to assert their dominance over their dog. Dominance shouldn’t equate with cruelty, but rather a recognition that your own needs are superior to that of your dogs- for example, you should never allow your dog to push you out of your own bed or chair. Dog ownership also takes a paternalistic role- occasionally you are going to have to do things that your dog will not enjoy, for example; give them medication, trim their nails and groom them. A dog who respects its owner will not growl, bark or challenge you too much when these necessary tasks are being performed. At Pet Pavilion we have a great range of soothing, gentle and eco-friendly products that make these tasks a far more pleasant experience. In lieu of that we also have a dedicated team of professional groomers who can efficiently do the task for you.

Do not feel disheartened if you feel your dog does not respect you. By simply showing your dog love and kindness, it will result in your dog gladly obeying you. Head over to our online store to see our extensive range of luxury foods and toys that will show your dog just how much you love them. Furthermore, we have an extensive range of dog treats to reinforce good behaviour in your canine companion!

  • Nov 24, 2015
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