12 Insanely Adorable Gifts of Christmas

Make sure your pet doesn't feel left out this Christmas.

What could possibly be cuter than a Christmas Santa jumper? A Christmas ELF jumper of course! With a super stylish hood and furry pom poms, this puppy outfit will certainly turn heads this Christmas.


This eco-smart toy helps the environment AND provide your pet hours of fun. How?  Slide an empty plastic bottle into the centre tube and pass it to your pet for that cracking noise our canine friends enjoy so much. When the existing bottle gets worn out, just pop another one in!


With this mischievous Red Sock Monkey Dog Toy, you can give your canine friend a great Christmas Present and let them join in the fun of the festive season. Made from soft plush, this toy is a fun looking Christmas monkey that will be a great addition to their toy box. Use it for throw and fetch games when spending quality time with your dog, and once you have tired both yourselves out, your dog can settle down with his new, cuddly, friend.


 The Rosy Robin Dog Toy is our favourite! Made from soft herringbone fabric, with tartan highlights, this toy is a fun looking Christmas character that will be a great addition to their toy box.


A soft toy stuffed with premium catnip you say?! This festive toy can bring hours of fun for your cat!


Made from soft plush this toy is a fun mock Christmas present that will be a great addition to your dog's toy box. It has an inside squeaker for added excitement too!


Tyler makes a fun ‘gobble gobble’ noise when squeezed and will keep your pet entertained for hours. Made with super soft plush material, dogs will love to chase, fetch and snuggle up to Tyler turkey.


What could possibly be better for getting your cat excited on Christmas morning? Catnip Candy Cane is stuffed exclusively with organically grown catnip, so your kittly is safe even if it manages to rip this lovely toy open!


These really yummy toothbrush treats are made with all-natural ingredients and are really great for gnawing on. The vegetable-based texture will help remove plaque and tartar as your pet chews. In addition to the all natural ingredients, as well as being vegetarian and gluten-free, these toothbrushes are high in fibre while being low in calories and sugars. A great Christmas gift for your canine friend!


 This tube of four catnip balls is a fantastic present for your cat this Christmas. Made from quality materials, in festive designs, each ball contains enticing catnip! 



A true bundle of joy for your cat! Three toys are stuffed with organically grown catnip! Why not, it's Christmas for everyone!


Pull my Neck Terry Turkey is a soft plush toy that your dog can cuddle up to and is still durable to use in fetch games. With a hidden inner squeaker, your dog will find Terry Turkey irresistible this Christmas.






  • Nov 30, 2015
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