Mulled wine, minced pies and brandy butter. Yes, it’s THAT time of year already! While you are your family are getting ready for the festive period, it’s just as important to keep a close eye on your pet dog.   

  1. Pine Needles

If you are planning on getting a real tree this year, it’s important to know that pine needles can be a potential hazard for your pet. The spikes can stick in your dog’s paw or if swallowed, can become lodged in their throat. We would recommend thoroughly shaking the tree once you have set it up, to make sure loose needles fall off straight away. If they do start falling again, check regularly for fallen pine needles or even block off one area of the room so your pet can’t go near the tree.

  1. Festive Foods

We all know one of the best parts of Christmas is the family dinner! But it’s useful to remember that chocolate, raisins, onion, grapes and sultanas are all very unhealthy for dogs. While preparing food, it’s important to make sure the ingredients are kept and prepared at the back of worktops and away from pets. Make sure advent calendars are placed high up and chocolate sets are put away. This doesn't mean your pet cannot enjoy dinner with the family however... A tasty Christmas-Dinner Flavoured Bone or delicious Turkey And Cranberry Biscuit would be an excellent treat for your pet dog.

  1. Decorations

Before you begin hanging your decorations, it’s important to remember some precautions. Bulbs from the tree should be placed high up, or attached very tightly to the branches, if your pet bites through them, it can cause damage to their teeth and mouth! Tinsel and ribbons should also be placed high up and out of reach, as your pet can strangle themselves if they get caught in them. Candles can cause burns and skin damage if spilled, so it’s important to never leave these unattended or on unsteady surfaces in case they fall over!

  1. The Tree

Putting up the tree is one of the most exciting parts of Christmas, however, did you know that real trees contain mildly toxic oils that can cause irritation to your pet’s skin or an upset stomach if digested? The best solution would be to either invest in a fake tree or make sure your real tree is raised off the ground enough as not to make contact with your dog.

  1. Presents

As we all know, Christmas wouldn't feel right without presents between friends and family. It’s important, however, to check for small gifts left under the tree. If ingested, they can cause bowel obstructions to your pet. Ribbons from presents can also cause strangulation, so make sure they are kept out of reach! Our brand new Christmas Collection is filled with safe and fun toys for your pet dog.  

Overall, prevention is key, and if you keep an extra eye on these points, you should have a great, safe and festive Christmas with your furry friend.

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