Christmas Carol With Battersea Dogs Home - 7th December 2015

Battersea is synonymous with several things, the power station which shapes part of the London skyline, its park we’ve spent leisurely afternoons in and maybe most of all Battersea Cats and Dogs Home which has looked after abandoned animals for several generations. Being the United Kingdom’s oldest and most famous home for destitute animals its easy to think of Battersea as a self-sufficient institution, however the good work the shelter does is based primarily on voluntary contributions. And the work it does do is expansive with around 13 dogs and 9 cats entering their homes every day (that’s nearly 8000 animals every year), 70 medical procedures carried out every week, micro chipping and neutering of every animal before they are rehomed with their ‘forever families’ and the provision of working dogs for the military, police and customs. The work being done at Battersea not only provides healthy additions to families up and down the country but also contributes to keeping us safe! A lot of love keeps the operations at Battersea running with approximately 1000 volunteers working for the service. But unfortunately it takes a lot more than just love to keep so many animals alive and healthy. That’s why this Christmas here at Pet Pavillion along with Harrods Estates we want to recognise the good work Battersea Cats and Dogs home does by hosting a fundraising carol service at St Luke’s Church at 7pm on Monday 7th December. Christmas serves as a reminder of our duty to be good to our fellow man, this year let it also serve as a time to think of our other earthly companions.

  • Dec 06, 2015
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