Why Whole British Free Range Chicken Is Great For Your Pet

Ensuring your pet gets the right amount of protein is important when deciding their diet.

Most pet foods contain something called 'meat meal' which is meat that has been powdered and then added to the food. Even though this does provide a source of protein, using 100% whole chicken is an even better way of getting pure and natural protein into your pets diet. This is important for energy levels, bone health and growth. 

Pet Pavilion can offer a solution, we now sell a new pet food that uses 100% British, free range chicken from DEFRA approved, ethical farms across the UK.

They simply take the chicken, minus the heads, feet and offal and blend them with the finest natural ingredients to create their pet food. They are also the only pet food in the world to use these ethical free range farms. 

If you would like to give this delicious pet food a try, we are currently offering the range at the best price, anywhere online with a 15% discount when you sign up to our newsletter here

Click here to browse the range. 


  • Jan 25, 2016
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