The winter months can bring certain grooming concerns for dog owners. We have put together some answers for you to help your pet through the cold season!

Protecting Dog Paws

Your dogs paws are delicate and can develop cracks, irritation and infections when walking through cold climates because of increased gravel, snow, salt and mud on the ground. These can graze and become lodged in the paws, the best way to avoid this is to wipe your pets paws with paw wipes after each outing. This keeps them free from dirt and grazes as well as keeps your home clean from mud and dirt!


During the winter, fluffier coats can become matt and walks through snow and mud can be messy, so regularly bathing your dog will keep their fur soft and protected. It is very important to ensure your pet is fully dry from their bath before going outside in the cold as this can give them a hypothermia. If you don’t have time to wash and dry your pet at home, professional pet grooming can be an excellent alternative.

Staying Warm

When taking your pet out for walks during the winter time, it is a good idea for them to wear a winter coat. Especially if they are small dogs or have short hair. This provides an additional layer of insulation for them and means they can be more comfortable on their walks.


During the winter, untrimmed dogs can benefit from having an extra thick coat to keep warm, this is great for their insulation and body temperature. A big coat can also hide troubles such as bumps and sores, its important to regularly look for these while brushing your dog. 

Nail trimming

If your pet is spending more time indoors in the winter months, their nails may need extra trimming as they wont be getting worn down as much as walking outside. Check weekly and when you hear that ‘clicking’ noise as they walk, then you know its time to give them a trim! Contact your nearest pet groomer here.

Keep these grooming tips handy for a healthy and cosy season for your dog!

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