Halloween can be a fantastically festive time of the year, especially if you have young children that enjoy dressing up in costumes to collect as much candy as their sacks can carry. Taking a dog along on your trick or treat journey can add to the joy of an evening spent with your family, but it is important to make sure you are keeping your canine friend safe on this holiday.


Trick-or-treat candies are for human consumption only, and this is very important to remember. We know that you love your dog and only want what is best for them. Don’t forget that all forms of chocolate are lethal for dogs and even cats. This is important to remember because even if you don’t take your cat walking with you and your kids on Halloween, you must keep the chocolate away from curious cats who are around an unfamiliar deliciously smelling chocolaty treat.



Be aware of the signs that your dog or cat could have gotten into the loot from Halloween by remaining watchful and paying attention to any signs of irregular behaviour.


Pet Pavilion



On a brighter note, Pet Pavilion offers plenty of delicious treats to offer your hungry-eyed, jealous pups. Not only do we have all of the treats that you regularly see in our shops, but we also offer special choco-drops and yogurt-drops that look and smell like candy for people!




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