“Every once in a while a dog enters your life and everything changes…”


This is the base of The Rockster’s foundation for creating a unique formula that is now packaged and ready to be sold in our Pet Pavilion stores. The founders of The Rockster rescued a dying dog while on their honeymoon in Naples in 2004, and together decided they needed to do everything in their power to serve him as best as possible in the new life that he would now have.



As The Rockster aged, his mum and dad found that he was becoming fussier when it came to feeding times, and this became worrisome. In order to extend The Rockster’s life to be a longer, higher quality extension of time, his mum and dad looked into the food products they had been feeding him. They came to the realization that even the most premium foods they had been purchasing for him had damaging properties inside them. Their goal was to essentially undo that damage. This was the launching point for The Rockster superfood for dogs.




Our Pet Pavilion stores will now be selling three of The Rockster flavours. The first, Boeuf Du Cap, contains 82% healthy, lean, human grade beef, 6% quinoa, 5% pumpkin, 4.5% carrots, 1% spirulina algae, 0.5% jerusalem artichoke concentrate and 0.5% pharma-grade salmon oil.


The second flavour that Pet Pavilion carries of The Rockster is Birds of a Feather. This flavour is made out of 40% healthy and lean bio-organic human grade chicken meat, 40% healthy and lean bio-organic turkey meat, 4% zucchini, 5% pumpkin, 4% mango, 4% blueberries, 2% parsley, 0.5% jerusalem artichoke concentrate, 1% pharma-grade salmon oil.


The third and final flavour that Pet Pavilion offers is called Heaven and Earth. This flavour is made with a similar composition as the last two, but the ingredients differ slightly. The ingredienets include: rabbit, sweet potato, apple, pear, cranberries, coconut, seabuckthorn, 0.5% jerusalem artichoke concentrate, and milk thistle oil.






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