Brand new in the UK, and first to be seen at Pet Pavilion, we are proud to present our newly sold dog food, Wonderboo.

 This photograph is of the Swedish Ox flavour, which is Wonderboo’s most sold product. The packaging used for the Wonderboo products is quite exquisite as they have been designed by the Swedish designer: Jan Vana. While this is not that important in regards to the product itself, it adds a nice touch to a wholesome and complete diet for your furry friend’s independent needs.

 Wonderboo is a nutritionally balanced premium dog food from Sweden and is now available in all four Pet Pavilion locations. Come on in to our Notting Hill, South Kensington, Chelsea and Wimbledon stores to learn more about this fantastic and innovative food source for your doggy!


In addition to welcoming the wonderful Wonderboo products into our stores, we would like to encourage everyone to “treat” their pets safely this Halloween. In stores we offer a variety of animal safe treats to ensure that your furry friends won’t be jealous of the Halloween candy that might be lying around the house. We have our Billy + Margot treats, our vegetable Whimzees, our Perrito treats, Applaws chicken with pumpkin food, Orijen treats and even a special sugar free chocolate for dogs that is absolutely divine. Pet owners love treating their dogs and cats to delicious foods and seeing the appreciative expressions on their faces, but it is important to make sure during the trick or treat season, that we are “treating” them rather than “tricking” their tummies.

Last thing on the list is to tell everyone about our brand new promotion! If you spend over £100 on Wonderboo products, you will receive a Wonderpod totally free of charge. Wonderpods are fantastic for so many reasons. If you don’t want to spend over £100, that’s okay, it is still important to learn about how a Wonderpod might benefit you and your doggy.

The Wonderpod is a brown plastic box that looks like an individually packaged Wonderboo food product. When you open it up, it’s meant to be used as a transportable food and water bowl. Place your package of Wonderboo food inside one side of the Wonderpod, and use the other side for water. Simply rinse the container, reseal it, put it back in the pouch, and take it with you to be reused over and over again.

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