Wonderboo puppy and dog food is now available in our Pet Pavilion shops across London! We are lucky enough to have the chance to expose our customers to this brand of dog food that some might consider “fine dining for dogs.” We allow ourselves to eat top of the line foods as we stroll down grocery store isles choosing the shiniest red apples and ripest avocados, so why shouldn’t our four legged friends that do not have the autonomy to do the same thing, not benefit from one of the best quality dog foods out there? Stay tuned for future posts all about our client’s experiences “fine dining” with our Wonderboo products.

In addition to the undeniably high quality ingredients in this food, the packaging is absolutely exquisite. The most common question I get from dog owners is how much food to provide for their pet. The truth is, many individuals offer an amount that is far too large, and not packed with the right ingredients. Wonderboo solves this by perfectly packaging each day separately, making meal time simple and fast for dog owners alike. Just peel off the thin layer of plastic, place the food in a doggy bowl, or the Wonderboo pods if you’re on the go, and eat. Simple. If you are using the Wonderpod, you can use one side for food and the other for water. Quick, easy and effective!

Our stores are located in Wimbledon, Chelsea, Notting Hill and South Kensington, making it easy to try this food in the happening parts of London.

 Ox Wonderboo Dog Food




These photos are direct shots of the ingredients that Wonderboo uses in each and every product that they send into our Pet Pavilion shops. Absolutely gorgeous and fresh produce that people would gladly delve into, just as our happy doggies will as well! Wonderboo only uses the finest meat products, and just like we change our diet now and again, maybe its time for you to choose the most palatable and healthy diet for your canine companion.

With meat and fish options, we offer the types of flavours, proteins and fats that will benefit your dog and their independent needs. Our proteins come in puppy, adult, and light options, because your dog is unique, just like our food.

 Beautifully packaged, decadently delicious, and healthy to a point of absolute perfection, Wonderboo will now be in our Pet Pavilion shops to be purchased. Please come in and ask our educated staff about our Wonderboo products. They will be more than happy to assist you!


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