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  • Description

    The Dog Feet Washer is an essential tool for maintaining your home and car clean after a muddy walk.

    This handy little gadget is an efficient way to clean your dogs' feet, especially on the move. The wrap-around soft silicone bristles inside the washer cup are ideal for cleaning in between the paws and around the claws and for removing grime.

    Why we love this product

    • For its silicone bristles that gently clean your pooch’s paws
    • Because it is light and easy to use
    • Very easy to keep clean
    • Easy to store next to the back door / in your car/take on holiday
    • Strong and resistant materials for multiple uses
    • Non-toxic materials

    How to use

    • Pour some water into the cup (you can add a little dog shampoo too)
    • Insert one of your dog's paws into the cup
    • Rotate the cup gently also raise and lower if required
    • Remove and dry the paw
    • Rinse the cup and repeat for the other paws.
    • Usage Tip: Try not to overfill the cup.


    • It is one size only and its suitable of medium to large dogs.
    • Dimensions : 10cm x 10cm