AquaTech™ Collar


The clever material used in this AquaTech™ range repels water 100% meaning your dogs collar, harness & lead will not get wet. A wet collar/harness can cause real irritation to your dog. Imagine wearing a damp collar around your neck - not nice, right!? Wet collars/harnesses can lead to psoriasis/eczema-like skin conditions for your dog which isn't nice for them and can lead to high vet bills. The benefits of the AquaTech™ range are:

1. No more damp smelling dog leads/collars/harnesses.

2. No more irritation to your dog.

3. No more running colours meaning your lead/collar/harness stays brighter for longer.

4. Easy-wipe clean due to the AquaTech™ treatment.


 *Product will have water on the surface if exposed but will not absorb it.

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