ORIJEN Dog Treats Tundra 42.5g


This unique and flavourful treat features ranch-raised elk, cage-free quail and steelhead trout - all fresh from ORIJEN's region and gently free-dried to lock in their goodness and taste.

All dogs evolved as carnivores, biologically adapted to thrive on a varied diet of fresh whole meats. That’s why ORIJEN Tuntra Treats are loaded with 100% venison and fish — all delivered fresh and in whole prey ratios to indulge and nourish your dog at the same time.

Made without cooking or preservatives, ORIJEN’s biologically appropriate treats are gently freeze-dried in their very own kitchens to lock in the life-giving goodness and amazing flavors of authentically fresh and regional ingredients for a reward your dog will truly love.

With ranch-raised elk, cage-gree quail and steelhead trout sustainably raised withing their regional by people they know and trust, approved 'fit for human consumption,' and delivered to their kitchens fresh each day.

Ingredients: Fresh boneless Venison (40%), fresh elk Liver (30%), fresh boneless Elk (15%), fresh boneless Quail (10%), fresh steelhead trout (5%).

Your dog shares his eating anatomy with the wolf, which means he's evolved for a diet rich in meat, not carbohydrates and grains.

Meat and protein rich
Made with 100% meat ORIJEN treats feature a biologically appropriate protein content of 50%.

Low Glycemic
Your dog’s natural diet contains few carbohydrates, so why include them in his treats? That’s why  ORIJEN treats are made free of any grains or carbohydrates – just the goodness and taste of natural meat, poultry and fish.

Crude Protein (min.) 45%
Crude Fat (min.) 35%
Crude Fiber (max.) 1%
Moisture (max.) 2%

ORIJEN Tundra Dog Treats feature just 5 calories per treat.

Made with 100% venison, quail and fish, ORIJEN TUNDRA treats are carbohydrate free and feature a biologically appropriate calorie distribution of 45% of energy from protein, 55% from fat, with 0% of energy from carbohydrates.

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