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  • Description

    The Pet Pavilion Combo Brush features two brushes and grooming actions. One side composes of stainless steel pins with a protective coating at the tips to gently remove dead hair, separate fur and lift out matted and stubborn hair.  The other side has dense nylon bristles to redistribute natural oils for a healthy and shiny coat.

    This brush is suitable for all type of coats

    Key Benefits

    • The ergonomically designed handle allows for maximum comfort and control
    • Rubber grip for a secure hold
    • Pin Side: Helps remove loose hair and tangles
    • Pin Side: Safety tips for gentle grooming
    • Nylon Side: Removes debris and loose hair
    • Nylon Side: Redistributes natural oils for a healthy, shiny coat

    Care & Use

    • Make sure both you and your Pooch are comfortable and relaxed before grooming.
    • Brush in the direction of hair growth. Use the bristles side for short-hair areas and wire pins side to penetrate long hair and undercoat.
    • Clean the Combo Brush after each use


    • 8.75 inches (L) x 2.25 inches (W)