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  • Description

    The Easy Bath Brush is made of soft rubber and it’s perfect to massage and exfoliate the coat during bath time.

    It combines bath and massage to promote blood circulation and enhance the body's function.

    Why we love this product

    • Is made of non-toxic materials. 
    • Easy to use. Applicable to all kinds of dogs.
    • Can quickly help remove smudges and deodorize.
    • Promote pet's blood circulation.
    • Helps the pet's coat colour increase gloss.
    • Helps with deshedding and exfoliating.

    How to use

    • Unscrew top retainer ring and remove the bulb to fill the container with dog shampoo
    • Push down on bulb at top firmly to dispense shampoo through bristles
    • Gently scrub your wet dog for both washing and bonding.


    • Rinse after each use.