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  • Description

    Fur Comb
    The Pet Pavilion Fur Comb has been carefully designed to remove loose hair, dirt and prevent hair from getting tangled or matted.

    The Pet Pavilion Fur Comb is perfect for short, wiry and tough coats.  

    Key Benefits

    • Unique stainless steel pins will help detangle and remove loose fur and mats.
    • The ergonomic handle will help reduce wrist strain.
    • Unique design to speed through thicker coats. 

    Care & Use

    • Make sure both you and your pooch are comfortable and relaxed before grooming.
    • Run the comb through your pooch’s coat applying no more pressure than you would be brushing your own hair.
    • A few minutes grooming each day will keep your pet's coat healthy and shiny.
    • Remove dead hairs of the Fur Comb and wash after each use.
    • For best results Use a Slicker Brush first to brush out any big knots before.


    • L 8.75 inches x W 2 inches