ORIJEN Dog Treats Black Angus Beef 42.5g


Brimming with Goodness, ORIJEN Black Angus Beef is raised free-range, under the blue skies of local ranches and delivered to their kitchen fresh and bursting with taste, where its' flash frozen and gently free-dried.

ORIJEN's Biologically appropriate single-source treats are a simple and pure way to nourish and reward your dog with tastes he will love you for. Bursting with natural flavours, this unique treat features 100% pure and natural Black Angus Beef in whole prey ratios to keep your cherished dog happy, healthy and strong.

Made without cooking or preservatives, ORIJEN Angus Beef treats are gently free-dried to lock in ALL of the natural goodness and amazing flavours of fresh local beef in a reward your dog will love you for.

Orijen's ranch-raised angus beef is sustatinably raised by people they know and trust, approved 'fit for human consumption,' and delivered to their kitchens fresh each day.


Fresh Angus beef Liver (45%), fresh boneless Angus beef (45%), fresh beef tripe (10%).

Your dog shares his eating anatomy with the wolf, which means he's evolved for a diet rich in meat, not carbohydrates and grains.

Meat and Protein Rish
Made with 100% fresh Angus beef, ORIJEN treats feature a biologically appropriate protein content of 35%.

Low Glycemic
Your dog’s natural diet contains few carbohydrates, so why include them in his treats? That’s why ORIJEN treats are made free of any grains or carbohydrates – just the goodness and taste of pure and natural meat.

Crude Protein (min.) 40%
Crude Fat (min.) 40%
Crude Fiber (max.) 1%
Moisture (max.) 2%

ORIJEN Black Angus Dog Treats feature just 6 calories per treat.

Made with 100% Black Angus Beef, ORIJEN treats are carbohydrate free and feature a biologically appropriate calorie distribution of 45% of energy from protein, 55% from fat, with 0% of energy from carbohydrates.

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