Wonderboo Light


WONDERBOO natural dog food is available for both adult dogs and puppies. WONDERBOO created all their recipes with lots of love and hard work. 

Healthy, uncomplicated and completely balanced! We make it simple for your dog to loose those few extra pounds. WONDERBOO Light is a lighter feed for dogs that require fewer calories, perfect for your overweight buddy or neutered gentleman. We take fresh Swedish rumen, a yummy treat for dog, combine it with all minerals, vitamins and healthy bacteria, which your dog need while slimming down. Your little buddy will never go hungry. Due to the high protein content, Light contains a lower calorie count, so your dog can lose weight without compromising on life quality.

WONDERBOO Light is free from artificial additives and nutritionally balanced to meet the needs of an adult dog. As an example, the ratio of calcium to phosphorus is important for a dog’s metabolism and can also prevent osteoarthritis. Therefore, WONDERBOO has the optimal ratio for your dog.



ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: crude protein 39.5%, crude fat 25.5%, crude ash 6.9%, crude fiber 3.1%, H2O 7.5%

Nutritive value per 100 grams:
Vitamins: A 2400IE, D 520IE, E 12.7IE, B1 0.5mg, B2 0.2mg, B3 2.3mg, B6 0.8mg, B12 0.6mg, C 8mg, K3 0.8mg, B3 6.0mg, Choline 32.0mg, B9 0.16mg, B7 0,06mg

Trace elements: Na 0.4mg, Mg 0.14mg, Cu 1.4mg, Co 0.08mg, Zn 10mg, Se 0.06mg, I 0.3mg

WEIGHT OF YOUR DOG 1-2 KG 3-6 KG 7-15 KG 16-25 KG 26-35 KG
Size and number of meals 0,5 SMALL 1 SMALL 1-1,5 MEDIUM 1 LARGE 1 LARGE + 1 SMALL
Gram WONDERBOO per day 17-30 G/DAY 35-60 G/DAY 70-120 G/DAY 120-180 G/DAY 200-240 G/DAY
Calorie intake per day 70-120 CAL/DAY 160-250 CAL/DAY 280-500 CAL/DAY 550-600 CAL/DAY 800-1000 CAL/DAY

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